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Damaged Hair: What You Should Know

Damaged Hair:

Hair is composed primarily of proteins. It is made of three layers ---the medulla, cortex, and cuticle. Damaged hair is caused by many factors such as excessive heat styling. It is characterized internally by open cuticles and broken protein bonds. Physically, damaged hair is rough, brittle to the touch, and prone to split ends.

Causes of Damaged Hair:

Heat Styling

Heat Styling is a leading cause in damaged hair. Heat cracks hair's cuticle and withdraws moisture-- leaving hair dry and brittle. Below is a list of heat styling tools which damage hair and some tips to prevent heat damage.

Heat Styling tools which damage hair:

  • Hair dryers
  • Hot rollers
  • Curling irons
  • Flat irons

New innovations in heat styling, such as ionic technology work with heat to restore damaged hair. Ionic technology has been incorporated in heat styling products such as blow dryers and flat irons. Popular products such as the T3 Tourmaline hair dryer and Sedu flat iron are famous because of ionic technology.

There has yet to be an ionic product that also moisturizes damaged hair. H2 Ion is the first ionic hair repair to incorporate Moisture Infusion Microbeads. Learn how H2 Ion works.

Harmful chemicals

Many chemicals such as bleaches, perms, and relaxers damage hair greatly. In order for them to work they must swell hair's cuticle. This process roughens cuticle, making it prone to chipping and breaking off. These chemicals also wear down protein bonds in hair--the very thing that keeps our hair strong and lustrous.

The end result is weakened damaged hair. Below are common chemicals which damage hair:

Common chemicals which damage hair:

  • Bleach
  • Hair dyes
  • Perms
  • Relaxers
  • Straighteners

Harsh weather conditions

Environmental conditions affect hair year round. Harsh weather conditions otherwise known as "bad hair days" cause hair to become dry, brittle, and prone to breakage. During the summer, the sun's UV rays break protein in hair.

Hair's composition is 88% protein. Protein protects hair and when it breaks down- hair becomes dry and damaged. The sun is especially rough on chemically processed hair, often being responsible for color gone brassy.

Believe it or not, the winter is most drying to hair. This is because there is less moisture in the air. The cold winds tangle hair and roughen hair's cuticle. Protecting your hair year round is essential. After all, you never know when you'll face a "bad hair day."


Out of all the factors discussed, Friction damages hair most frequently. Daily activities such as combing your hair and sleeping cause friction. The constant rubbing of hair against a surface breaks hair. If you do not protect your hair while you sleep, the friction between your pillow and hair will cause damaged hair. Also, combing hair too often and not using the appropriate comb breaks and damages hair.

*The best way to prevent damaged hair year round is to use H2 Ion hair repair treatments. Because H2 Ion works with heat and in just one minute, you don't need to compromise your time or style for healthy hair. Call or order now for stunningly silky hair in minutes!

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