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  • Have dry damaged hair due to heat styling?
  • Split ends keeping you from long healthy hair?
  • Too busy to give your hair the TLC it deserves?

Heal Damaged Hair in Just One Minute!

H2 Ion Damaged Hair Repair Treatment

 Your hair is your best accessory!

Healthy hair is the difference between being sexy or downright drab. When damaged hair has us hiding our precious locks our self esteem suffers. Healthy hair means stronger hair, silkier hair, and a more confident you.

You know that heat styling is a must for the look you want. But you know heat styling damages your hair -- even so, you aren't willing to give up your blow dryer, curling iron or flat iron. What's a woman to do?

What if there was way to make heat styling healthy for your hair? Thanks to latest breakthrough in hair care, H2 Ion, you can be friends with your blow dryer! Trythe entire H2 Ion line today!

 How H2 Ion Works

"Finally heat styling is good for your hair!"
H2 Ion utilizes Ionic technology, the most advanced technology in hair care today. Ionic technology works with heat to restore and revitalize dry damaged hair.

When you blow dry or heat style your hair, negative ions inside the conditioner fuse with damaged hair. They seal broken cuticles and restore hair’s natural moisture level. Your hair is left lustrous and healthy.  

Watch H2 Ion work.

 What makes H2 Ion special?

H2 Ion is unlike any other conditioner treatment in the market today. Unlike most conditioner treatment which coat hair, H2 Ion works from the inside out.

Utilizing ionic technology, H2 Ion penetrates deep into the hair shaft to infuse moisture. Other treatments are silicone based. These conditioners build up and weigh hair down. That's their version of hair repair.

H2 Ion is specially formulated with MIM, a unique moisture infusion microbead derived only from Sonoran Jojoba plants. MIM works to infuse vital moisture into damaged hair and keeps the body you love!

H2 Ion now hasShampoo and Conditioner! H2 Ion Shampoo and Conditioner is the perfect compliment to H2 Ion 1-minute treatment and offers a daily solution for seriously parched, chemically damaged hair to keep you looking salon-gorgeous between treatments!


 Why choose H2 Ion?



The benefits of using H2 Ion are vast but true. Unlike other hair repair treatments, you don't need to wait ten minutes, H2 Ion works in just 1 min! Its advance ionic technology makes it the first hair treatment that makes heat styling healthy for your hair!

H2 Ion Will:

  • Infuse healing moisture
  • Seal split ends
  • Add body
  • Protect hair from heat damage
  • Prevent hair breakage
  • Promote healthy hair growth

2.Proven success.

We have thousands of satisfied customers and that number is growing each day.  H2 Ion has made a huge difference in the lives of our customers. Read oursuccess stories.

3.Money-back guarantee.

We're so confident that H2 Ion works, that we offer a 30-day no-hassle money back guarantee. If your damaged hair isn't left healthy, lustrous, and silky we'll give you your money back. Period.

Salon sexy hair can be yours in just a few minutes. Try H2 Ion today and transform your blow dryer into your personal stylist! Call now or order online. The sooner you do, the sooner you can flaunt the healthy sexy hair you always wanted!


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How it works
Infuse healing moisture
Seal split ends
Add body
Protect hair from heat damage
Prevent hair breakage
Promote healthy hair growth

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